DECEMBER 6, 2001

Cookbook Publisher of the Year

José Maria Pisa . Ediciones La Val de Onsera. Spain José Maria Pisa is a publisher and a culinary historian, with a passion for good books.. He lives in the region of Aragón, near Zaragoza.


Wine Book Publisher of the Year.

Editions Féret, Bordeaux-France

The Bible for wine, for authority, accuracy, quality, tradition and vision.

Book of the Century

Prix d’Excellence – France – "Hors Concours"

Le Grand Livre de Cuisine d’Alain Ducasse, by Alain Ducasse, Jean François Piege, Didier Elena, Franck Cerutti, Patrick Ogheard, Benoit Witz, photographies by Didier Loire, Preface by Jean-François Revel (ADF-France).

It towers over all other books. Its only rival is Escoffier.

Best Book in the World 2001

Prix La Mazille International 2001.

Chocolate Desserts, by Pierre Hermé and Dorie Greenspan (Little Brown-USA)

Dorie Greenspan also co-authored the first book of Alain Ducasse first published in English. Chocolate Desserts will be published in French in 2002. M.Herme received his award from the French jury on November 20, his 40th birthday. He now has opened 2 stores in Paris. His wife is also a bestselling author, with innovative culinary literature.

Honourable Mention

Carme Ruscalleda, del Plato a la Vida, by Jaume Coll, (RBA-Spain)

Carme Ruscalleda is a two star chef from Spain

Una fiesta del Sabor, El Peru y sus Comidas, by Sara Beatriz Guardia (Sara Beatriz Guardia and Avionica-Peru)

Sara Beatriz Guardia is the author of the Best Book of Latin America.

Best Book in French – Prix La Mazille 2001

La Cuisine Chez Regis Marcon , (Miroir-France)

Chef Alain Dutournier, Prix La Mazille 2000 says that Regis Marcon is a real chef, a creator and gatherer, rooted in his local cuisine of central France. He is also a true French gentleman.


1.-Best Chef Book

Jean Claude Bourgueil, Die Philosophie Der Grossen Küche, by Jean Claude Bourgueil, Thomas Ruhl (Dumont-Germany)

The 3 Michelin stars chef from Dusseldorf is known for his aromatic cuisine and his philosophy, inspired by his roots in Touraine, his training in Spain with Horcher, and his experience in Germany where he conquered 7 Michelin stars. The introduction of the books thanks writer Gunther Grass for his contribution.

2.-Best Desserts Book

Sweet Seasons, by Richard Leach (John Wiley-USA)

Self-taught, tall and thin, Richard Leach from the Park Avenue Café in New York is a surprising pastry artist. This book is a masterpiece.

Honourable Mention

Desserts – The Last Tentation of the Meal, by Hsieh Chung-Tao (Crown Editions-Taiwan).

Desserts are a passion for many Asians, who are in general more interested in western pastry than in other aspects of western cuisine, except maybe truffles.

The authors are stars, a team with over 12 books already published. The concept of the photos and studies of the hen next to the recipes is excellent.

3.-Best Single Subject Book

Winner :

Recettes et Autres Histoires de Poule , by Gilles and Laurence Laurendon (Marabout-France)

Honourable Mention:

Amazing Soy, by Dana Jacobi (William Morrow-USA)

Enciclopedia del Aceite de Oliva, by Jesús Avila Granados (Planeta – Spain)

This is a very competitive category. Already in the different languages there were many nominees, for instance 15 in Swedish and 10 in English. For Best in The World, 16 languages competed.

4.-Best Fish and Seafood Book


Rick Stein Seafood (BBC Worldwide-UK)

Rick Stein is an international television star from his british seafood restaurant, which he is very reluctant to leave. He would better than most understand the value of Basque seafood cuisine that is honoured with him.

Honourable Mention:

Nuestros Pescados en la Cocina, Txuno Etxaniz (Lur-Euskadi-Spain)

5.-Best Health and Nutrition


Chinese Herb Cooking (Hilit-Taiwan)

Honourable Mention:

Better Baby Food, The Hospital for Sick Children (Robert Rose-Canada)

Both books represent the best in current knowledge and experience, in the Eastern and Western traditions.

6.-Best Children Cookbook

The Chocolate Lovers, by J.Van Loon, Chantal Stewart, Gabriel Gaté (Allen and Unwin-Australia)

Gabriel Gaté is a television star in Australia. He also has a cooking school. The book is the clear winner in a very competitive category, and it should be translated in many languages.

7.-Best Innovative Book

Two Winners:

The Elements of Taste, by Gray Kunz and Peter Kaminsky (Little Brown-USA)


La Cocina de los Sentidos, by Dr.Sánchez Romera (Planeta-Spain)

Both books analyze the impact of the food. Dr.Sánchez Romera is a Neurologist, and the chef of a one star Michelin restaurant L’Esguard. He explains in his book how the food is perceived in the brain. Gray Kunz is a disciple of Fredy Girardet, trained at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and one of the top chefs in New York


8.-Best Easy Recipes Book


Formulas for Flavour, How to Cook Restaurant Recipes at Home, by John Campbell (Conran Octopus-UK)

Honourable Mention:

A Million Traditional Russian Cooking Recipes, by Valentina Shalnikova (Ural Publishing House-Russia)

Our Cookbook, Birgitta Andrews, Barbro Lindgren (Prisma-Sweden)

La Cuina de l’Avia Remei, by Remei Ribas Aguilera (Cossetania-Catalunya-Spain)

The most competitive category has competitors in 25 different languages. The title of the book in English summarizes the category.

9.-Best Foreign Cookery Book

The Foods of France, by Maria Villegas, Sarah Randell, Lulu Grimes, Kay Halsey, photography by Chris Jones (Murdoch Books-Australia)

Maria Villegas is from Colombia, Sarah Randell from New Zealand, and the rest of the team from Australia. They have produced one of the best books of the year, with recipes that work, from truly regional French home cooking, with stunning photography. A true international masterpiece.


10.-Best Local Cookery Book

Maggie’s Table, by Maggie Beer (Viking-Australia)

Maggie Beer is a food producer at Pheasant farm,a chef and an enthusiastic champion of all the Barossa Valley in South Australia has to offer. Her book is a celebration of her home, a region and its seasons.


11.-Special Awards


For Her Career - Julia Child

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck, special 40th Anniversary Edition of the classic work that forever changed the way America cooks, with a new introduction by Julia Child, Volume One (Knopf-USA)

Julia Child and Chuck Williams are the pillars of today’s American cuisine. She was the first star of food television.

For its Human Values

Back to the Table, The Reunion of Food and the Family, by Art Smith, Oprah Winfrey’s Private Chef (Hyperion-USA)

Sharing the table with the family and friends is essential. The value of good cooking is enhanced by the reunion of food and the family.This book underlines the shift from focusing on cooking to focusing on the meal, a worldwide long term trend in food books.

Special Award of the Jury

  1. Foods from Britain

Farmers’ Market Cookbook, by Henrietta Green , foreword by Clarissa Dickson Wright, photography Jason Lowe (Kyle Cathie-UK).

Eating England, Why we Eat What we Eat, by Hattie Ellis (Mitchell Beazley-UK)

There are now excellent star restaurants in Great Britain, among the best in the world. It is all british food and cooking. That is improving very rapidly, reaching high levels of quality. A trend worth studying and understanding.


Town of Perigueux Award

Emotions Gourmandes, by Fredy Girardet (Favre-Switzerland)

Fredy Girardet, now retired is a living legend. He is quite busy, as on the 6th he is doing a demonstration at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. The Oriental Hotel got a Gourmand Award in English and in German for their cookbook this year.

Town of Sorges Award

Truffes, by Ken Hom, Jean-Pierre Pebeyre, photographie Amos Schliack (Hachette)

The Black Truffle of Périgord can be very colorful. This book also receives from Mayor Jean Jacques Ratier the Prize of the Town of Sorges, the capital of the Black Truffle of Périgord.


Special Prize of the Jury

Choucroute Au Curry par Hasard, Jana Caniga, Christoph Doswald, Cornel Windlin (Migros) Kultur Prozent.

A completely unusual cookbook, with a splendid match between recipes from random Swiss people in the street and wonderful illustrations. Very refreshing and successful. An artistic achievement.


For Wilhelm F.Weber and Armin Karrer for their careers.

Michael Schumachers Lieblingsgerichte, by Armin Karrer, fotodesign Frank Busch (Wilhelm Weber-Heel).

The manager of Formula One stars brothers Michael and Rolf also has a passion for his 3 restaurants and cookery. Armin Karrer is the chef of his star restaurant in the tower in Stuttgart.

12.-Best Television Chef Book

Happy Days with the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver (Michel Joseph-Penguin-UK)

This excellent book will make you happy. The positive energy jumps from the pages, and the recipes work. Jamie Oliver has great talent, and understands the future of cookery better than most.

14.-Best French Cuisine Book

1,2,3, La Cuisine Française, by Le Cordon Bleu Paris KK Tokyo (NHK Publishing – Japan)

A beautiful book made for the Japanese, with creative Japanese design.

15.-Best-Italian Cuisine Book

La Cucina della Passione, Armin Röttele (At Verlag-Switzerland)

There is a strong increase in the quality and quantity of books from Switzerland this year.

16.-Best Latino Cuisine Book

¡Ceviche! Seafood, Salad and Cocktails with a Latino Twist, by Guillermo Pernot (Running Press-USA)

The Latino trend is getting strong in the US. Ceviche is a passionate book on Latino cuisine, its marinated fish, salads and cocktails.

17.-Best Mediterranean Cuisine Book

El Gran Libro del Aceite de Oliva con recetas de 58 Maestros de Cocina Española, by José Carlos Capel (SPAM-Euskadi-Spain)

Olive Oil is one of the keys of Mediterranean cuisine, and José Carlos Capel is the master writer..

Honourable Mention:

Stony Broke Cooking, by Evangelia Solomou (Periplous-Greece)

Traditional Greek cuisine is still a reference for Mediterranean cooking.

Oranges and Lemons, recipes from the Mediterranean, by Sarah Woodward, photography by Diana Miller (Conran Octopus-UK)

Sarah Woodward is one of the best british food writers, and an expert on Mediterranean Cuisine. Her recent book on Ottoman cuisine is also excellent.

18.-Best Asian Cuisine Book

Japanese Food and Cooking, by Emi Kazuko, with Recipes by Yasuko Fukuoka (Lorenz Books-UK)

Japanese cooking is becoming part of the Western world daily diet thanks to the work authors such as Emi Kazuko and Yazuko Fakuoka.

19.-Best Entertaining Book

Taste, Koken voor Hollywood Sterren, by Amy Weldon (Het Spectrum-The Netherlands)

Hollywood is entertaining, and this book is a welcomed surprise. It shows how entertaining can be fun and trendy.

Honourable Mention:

La Nueva Cocina de Angelita, Angelita Alfaro (Tarttalo – Spain)

Angelita Alfaro is an expert in renovating traditional entertaining.

20.-Best Vegetarian Book

Gaia’s Kitchen, Vegetarian Recipes for Family and Community from Schumacher College, by Julia Ponsoby (Green Books-UK)

From a culinary perspective, Schumacher College is unique, mixing ecological awareness and delicious vegetarian cooking, which deserved to be rewarded, and shared.

21.-Best Cookbook Photography.


Food, Die Ganze Welt der Lebensmittel, Christian Teubner (Teubner Editions-Germany)

Christian Teubner runs a photo studio which has its own publishing imprint, which is very unusual in publishing.The Grafe und Unzer group purchased Teubner Editions earlier this year.

22.-Best Cookbook Design


Les Recettes d’une Cocotte, by Francis Staub and François Simon, Design by Alberto Bali (Nomar-France)

It is the first time we give the design award to a book withous photos, to reward creativity.Alberto Bali also has done the design for the restaurants of Alain Dutournier, Le Carre des Feuillants and Le Trou Gascon in Paris.

Honourable Mention

Gästabordet-Eating-Meeting, by Lena Hellström(Himlajorden-Swedish)

The meeting of design from Finland and Sweden is a success.

El Libro del Huevo, by Consejo Asesor del Instituto del Huevo, recipes and stylist by Mario Sandoval (Chef of Restaurant Coque) and Felix Soriano.

The Book of Eggs, by the Spanish Egg Institute is a marvellous work done by Mario Sandoval (Chef of Restaurant Coque ) and Felix Soriano.

23.-Best Culinary History Book


Sacred Food, Cooking for Spiritual Nourishment, by Elisabeth Luard (MQ Publications-UK)

Sacred Food is a stunning book, showing how food, culture, spirituality and peace can be universal.

Honourable Mention

Hünkar Begendi-700 Years of Culinary History, by Nezibe Araz, Prof.Guray Kut, Sabahattin Turkoglu, Ayse Erdedu, Turgut Kut, photography by Tahsin Aydogmus, project manager Seyhan Livaneliogu (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey)

This book is a culinary history treasure which should be translated and distributed in other countries beyond Turkey.

24.-Best Chocolate Book


Chocolate Desserts, by Pierre Hermé, written by Dorie Greenspan, photography Jean-Louis Bloch-Lainé (Little Brown-USA)

"Chocolate Desserts" is the Best Book of the Year.

Honourable Mention:

Milka, Das Jahrhundertbuch der Schokolade, Mit den schönsten Rezepten für die Zarteste Versuchung, by Stephan Anders, Stephan Franz (Recipes), photography Susie Eising, (Zabert-Sandmann)

Milka celebrates 100 years of Swiss Milk Chocolate, a gift to the world.

25.-Best Bread Book


Le Diable Sucré, Gateaux, Cannibalisme, Mort et Fécondité, by Christine Armengaud (Editions de la Martinière-France)

The sweet Devil is an inspiring book, and also an exhibition of breads which has been shown in various countries.

Honourable Mention

Baker, by Dean Brettschneider and Lauraine Jacobs (Tandem Press-New Zealand)

New Zealand and Australia are better known for their wines, but bread can also be excellent "down under".

26.-Best Barbecue Book

Weber’s Ultimate Barbecue Book, by Matthew Brennan, photographer Chris Alack (MQ Publications-UK)

This book is true to its title, the ultimate Barbecue Book.

27.-Best Food Literature Book

Dancing on My Table, Perspectives on Life and Food, by Julie Biuso (New Holland-New Zealand)

Julie Biuso will fill you with energy and joy when you read her book.

28.-Best Book for Food Professionals


The Recipe Writer’s Handbook 2001, by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann and Jane L.Baker (John Wiley-USA)

Do not write a cookbook without reading The Recipes Writer’s Handbook! It is also useful to all food professionals, culinary journalists, cooking schools, chefs.

Honourable Mention

Manual de Hosteleria y Turismo, by Profesor José Rivera Padilla (Editec Sur-Spain)

29.-Best Series Book


Trendkochbuch: Mediterranean, Salads, Quick Cooking, Sushi, Vegetarian Food (Zabert Sandmann-Neue Generation-Germany)

Series are a key product for publishers. Developping good series is very difficult.

Honourable Mention:

Greek Cuisine (Malliaris-Paedia)

30.-Best Organic Book

Good Housekeeping Organic Handbook, by Claire Clifton, Jane Eastoe, Mary Lambert and Jo Younger (Harper Collins-UK)

There is strong competition in this category in English, fewer in other languages yet, though is growing quickly.

31.-Best Digital Food Book

Cooking Up A Provence Vacation, A Guide to Weeklong Cooking Classes, by Lovern Root King (Rocket E-Book-First Books-USA)

Digital Food Books are increasing rapidly in quantity, but not yet in quality. The opportunities seem huge.



Editions Féret (France)

1.-Best Wine Book in the World

Bordeaux et Ses Vins, by Ch.Cocks (Féret-France)

Honourable Mention:

Vins i Caves de Catalunya, Alfred Rexach (L’Isard-Spain)

Vine to Bottle, How Wine is Made, photography by John Lowe (Mitchell Beazley-UK)

The quality of wine books is so high it is difficult to decide on the best, except in the case of Bordeaux et Ses Vins, the Bible of Bordeaux wine lovers.

2.-Best Book on Wine History

Cepages du Sud Ouest, 2000 Ans d’Histoire, G.Lavignac (Le Rouergue-France)

This book is a masterpiece of research, accuracy and passion, and it should become the classical reference for its subject.

3.-Best Book on Wine-France


Champagne, The Great Tasting, by Richard Juhlin (Methusalem-Sweden)

Richard Juhlin has written the history of the vintages of the last century, and made history with his Great Tasting, organized in Sweden. He is congratulated for his work for France and Champagne. The book is available in Swedish, English and French.

4.-Best Book on Wine-Europe

O Ribeiro, O Viño Da Cultura, A Cultura Do Viño, Varios Autores (Mirabel-Galicia-Spain)

Written in Gallego, the language of Galicia, the first volume of a new publisher of books on the wines of Galicia. It should be translated for foreigners to appreciate this definitive book on some of Europe’s best wines, mostly known for whites. The Wine of Culture, a culture of wine is an excellent title for a master course on wines from Galicia.

5.-Best Book on Wine-New World

Chilean Wine, by Magdalena Leblanc, editor Gonzalo Badal (Ocho Libros Editores-Chile) in English and Spanish.

Written in English and Spanish, "Chilean Wine" is open to the world wine market, and will become the reference book on Chilean wines.

6.-Best Book on Matching Food and Wine

How to Combine Wine and Food, Jens Dolk, Liselotte Forslin (Kakao-Sweden)

Sweden is fast becoming a culinary power, with new publishers specializing in food and wine books, such as Kakao.Sweden also has the best cookbook museum in Europe, in Grythyttan, excellent young chefs and restaurants, and half the production of titles of cookbooks of France, though Sweden’s population is only 1/6 of France.

7.-Best Book on Cooking with Wine or Spirits


Cooking with Wine, by Anne Willan with Copia, the American Center for Wine Food and The Arts (Harry N.Abrams-USA)

Anne Willan of La Varenne Cooking School, has published the definitive book on cooking with wine. It is published with Copia, the American Center for Wine Food and the Arts, inaugurated November 18, 2001 in Napa (California)

Honourable Mention:

Swedish Local Beers in the Kitchen, Stefan Bjur Torstensson, Daniel Nilsson Broberg, Otto Lundell, photography Pelle Berglund (Raster).

Local beers are a world trend, as well as cooking with beer.

8.-Best Wine Guide

The Wine Guide 2002, The Best of Wine in Ireland, edited by Barbara Boyle and Pat Carroll (A+A Farmar-Ireland)

Ireland is well known as a healthy food and beer drinking paradise. It is now becoming also a wine country, due to the surge of a culinary culture, with excellent restaurants, good food and wine writers and publishers.

9.-Best Book on Spirits


- Historien Om Cognac, Calvados Og Armagnac.

Fire Nordmenn, Heldige Giftermaz Og Verdens Beste Brennevinshus, by Toralf Bolgen, Oivind Hanes, Mats Widen and Kenneth Hansen (Gyldendal Norsk Norway)

Good book on spirits are increasingly popular with readers and publishers, on very well known subjects such as Cognac, or more unusual, Ratafia.

Honourable Mention:

El Llibre de la Ratafia, by Jaume Fabrega (Cossetania-Catalunya-Spain)

10.-Best Wine Literature

Welcher Wein zu Welcher Frau? Ein Politisch unkorrekter Ratgeber, Michael Klonovsky, Uli Martin (Hallwag-Switzerland)

Writers for the German magazine Focus have written a politically incorrect book on women and wine, with a great sense of humor and wonderful illustrations. A little gem!.

11.-Best Wine Photography

Vine to Bottle, How Wine is Made, by Simon Woods, photography by Jason Lowe (Mitchell Beazley)

Please read this book! Jason Lowe is an excellent photographer, and he has captured an intimate vision of the wine and the winemakers through the year.

12.-Best Wine Book for Professionals

Vine to Bottle, How Wine is Made, photography by Jason Lowe (Mitchell Beazley-UK).

Please read this book! And ask for its translation to French, at least! Simon Woods is respected as one of the best wine journalists in the world, and he has captured in this book the passion of the winemaker and his spirit.

13.-Best Wine Atlas

The World Atlas of Wine, Completely Revised 5th Edition, by Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson (Mitchell Beazley-UK)

This is the Best wine Atlas of all times, by the two best wine writers of today.

14.-Best Wine Education Book

Le Cordon Bleu Wine Essentials. Co Authors: Stephen Brook, Patricia Gastaud-Gallagher, Peter Howard, Graham Latham, Lorch and Margaret Rand, photographers David Murray and Jules Selmes (Carroll and Brown-UK)

Some of the best wine experts in the world, from various countries co-authored this essential book, which will be read in all serious wine libraries, schools and companies.


The Global Encyclopedia of Wine (Harper Collins – Australia, Wine Appreciation Guild – USA)

Last, but not least, the largest wine book of the year offers its huge wealth of knowledge in the best wine CD-Rom.

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