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173 Pre-Prohibition Cocktails

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173 Pre-Prohibition Cocktails: 

Potations So Good They Scandalized a President
by Tom Bullock & D.J. Frienz

Howling at the Moon Press

Coppyright 2001

A resurrection of Tom Bullock´s cocktail recipes from 1917, this book gives the reader a glimpse into a past where bartending wasn´t a side-job, but an art. A past where the quality of the pre-dinner potation was equally as important as the meal follow 

Tom Bullock was considered by many to be “the idial bartender,” working at the St. Louis Country Club of St. Louis and the Pendennis Club of Louisville for over a quarter of century. His concotions were so flawless that it outraged the nation´s press services when former- President Teddy Roosevelt claimed under oath that he had finished only part of one of Bullock´s Mint Juleps: it simply wasn´t believed possible for a man not to finish a drink made by Bullock

The concotions represented in 17 Pre-Prohibition Cocktails are both known and unknown, simple and sureal. You will find Juleps and Cobblers, Sours and Fizzes, as well as some almost-lost drinks such as the Bishop a la Prusse, a Blakc Velvet, a Horse Theif a Dream and a Delusion. Some of the drinks can take over a days Preperation, and some are simplicity themselves. But all the recipes hearken back to an era when a bit of leisure in a day was rightfully rewared.

 Champagne: The Great Tasting

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The Great Tasting

By Richard Juhlin

Methusalem AB,

copyright 2000

191 pgs

ISBN 9163098539

If you’ve never felt the magic bubbles of a great champagne melt across your palette, this book will make you feel like you had. Richard Julin brings together a team of international wine experts to taste 150 of the best champagnes from throughout the century.

At a Villa Pauli outside Stockholm, Sweden the judges convened for three days of arduous tasting. Present were: grand sommelier in Sweden and France, Josephine Nordlind; wine writer in the Swedish business periodical “Dagens Industri,” Anders Röttorp; head of Sotheby’s international wine department, Serena Sutcliffe; writer in the Danish wine periodical “Vinbladet,” Jörgen Christian Krüff; French wine expert and writer, Michel Dovaz; British wine expert and founder of “Wine Magazine” in London, Robert Joseph; and champagne expert and author, Richard Juhlin himself.

Not only does Juhlin make the tasting an exhilarating and romantic experience for the reader, but he has also created a wonderfully illustrated reference book on champagne, with comprehensive descriptions of the 100 best champagne houses in history, a treatise on the perfect glass for champagne tasting, and a brief history of champagne and sparkling wines throughout the ages.

Although most of the winners in this tasting are far out of reach for the average consumer (some vintages were so rare that only the families of the champagne houses themselves have access to them), the book is enlightening, in that it very clearly reveals what the ideal champagne should taste like.

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