La bonne Cuisine

The dialogue between Madame Françoise Bernard, the author who has sold the most cookbooks in France, and six-star Alain Ducasse is a stunning surprise. The text is informative and entertaining with a refreshing sense of humor, full of common sense and wisdom. This is one of the best cookbook of the year, and is highly recommended. It is equality interesting for prfessional chefs, food writers, and home cooks, though it has been written for the latter. The book is divided into 52 chapters for each of the most popular products, according to the French, with an introduction by Alain Ducasse and Françoise Bernard for each product: it includes a total of 208 recipes. This cookbook should be translated into other languages, it is exactly the type of book which could become a bestseller in an country.


La bonne Cuisine
208 recettes faciles et conviviales
The Good Cuisine
208 Easy and Friendly Recipes

Françoise Bernard and Alain Ducasse, paperback,
 350 pages,
 17,5 * 23,2 cm,color photographs,
ISBN: 2012362737,
Hachette Pratique, 1999,
139 FF
circle 3567

Basic Cooking

This is a cookbook especially disigned to show young people how to prepare meals in a very relaxed way, quickly and easily.
In this book, you will find all the basic advice for shopping for ingredients and cooking sucessfully. it is full of color photographs and easy to follow, with more than 100 recipes for delicious and healthy meals, wich are all fun and easy to cook and are perfectly suitable for dinner parties. It is divided into two parts. The first is on basic cooking know-how, full of essential advice on ingredients, timing, shopping etc. The secong part includes recipes for pasta, salads, soups, sauces and dips, meat, fish, vegetables and desserts. It is the sort of cookbook which makes cooking a lot of fun.


Basic Cooking
Alles was man braucht, um schnell gut zu kochen

Basic Cooking
All One Needs to Know to Learn How to Cook Well Quickly

Sabine Sälzer, Sebastian Dickhaut,paperback
168 pages, 21x24 cm;
color photographs
ISBN: 3-7742-1142-6,
GU, DM 29,90, 1999
Circle 3569

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